About Persian Christians

Hi, I’m Maria Hebga the initiator of www.Persian-Christians.com. I am a Believer since 2013 and I am originally from Cameroon, West Africa.

Robert Nagel made this website and its cool logo. Robi is also the one who made the design, graphic, programming and much, much more for NIUVOX.

NIUVOX is a system of 220 learning cards in German/Farsi(Persian) and German/Arabic, I invented and co-created with Rob, by God’s grace.

In less than one year we were able to distribute 20.000 NIUVOX card sets in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The NIUVOX cards included a section about religion, with words such as “Jesus”, “Bible” or “prayer” to name a few. These cards were also used by Christian churches and organisations in Austria to introduce the Gospel in Farsi (Persian) and Arabic to refugees.

Now back to the this website 🙂

The reason why we made this website is because, all featured videos were first uploaded on Youtube, last year 2017. However, I was told that YouTube is blocked in many countries were Iranian Christians reside.

It was also brought to my attention, that not only were many Muslim refugees converting to Christianity, but that they were craving for information, besides what they received on Sundays at church. Then I had a dream. In summary, the dream revealed how I could play a part in the lives of former Muslims who are turning to Jesus Christ.

By God’s grace and leading, I selected key Christian topics and Bible verses and present them in videos. My Persian friend Azadeh Givtash, who also worked with me on NIUVOX, agreed to translate the Bible verses in Farsi and make the Farsi voice-over for the videos.

The same videos are available in Arabic and Chinese on my YouTube Channel. I have also made animated Christian songs/videos in Tagalog (Filipino).

The material offered on this website is free of charge and are perfect tools for your personal use. The material is also convenient for those who are in the Refugee Ministry, Outreach Ministry and Prison Ministry.

Stay Blessed!

Maria Hebga